Head of Finance recruitment using FD Capital

Recruiting a Head of Finance with the assistance of FD Capital, a recruitment agency that specializes in finance roles, particularly in the London area, can streamline the process significantly. FD Capital is known for their expertise in placing senior finance professionals, including Financial Directors and CFOs. Here’s how you might approach this recruitment with their help:

  1. Initial Consultation: Start by having an in-depth discussion with FD Capital about your company’s specific needs, the scope of the Head of Finance role, and the qualifications and experience you are looking for. This helps them to understand your expectations and the culture of your company, enabling them to find a suitable match.
  2. Defining the Role: Work with FD Capital to define the role precisely, including responsibilities, essential skills, and key performance indicators. Ensure that they are aware of any industry-specific requirements or preferences your company has.
  3. Candidate Sourcing: FD Capital will utilize their network and resources to identify potential candidates. They have access to a broad pool of qualified professionals who may not be actively searching for a new job but are open to the right opportunities.
  4. Screening and Shortlisting: FD Capital will conduct initial screenings and interviews to assess the suitability of candidates based on the criteria you’ve established. They will present you with a shortlist of the most promising candidates for further consideration.
  5. Interview Process: You can work together with FD Capital to design a rigorous interview process that may include multiple rounds of interviews, practical assessments, and meetings with key stakeholders in your company. FD Capital can also assist with scheduling and feedback collection.
  6. Offer Negotiation: Once you select a candidate, FD Capital can facilitate the offer negotiation to ensure that both parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement. They can provide guidance on industry-standard compensation and benefits packages.
  7. Onboarding Support: After a successful hire, FD Capital can offer support and advice on best practices for onboarding your new Head of Finance to ensure a smooth transition and integration into your company.
  8. Ongoing Relationship: Building a long-term relationship with FD Capital can be beneficial for future recruitment needs and they can provide ongoing support and consultancy as needed.

Using a specialized recruitment agency like FD Capital can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of hiring a Head of Finance, especially in a competitive market like London. They bring expertise, an extensive network, and a deep understanding of the financial recruitment landscape to the table.

FD Capital Recruitment is a leading provider of finance director and head of finance recruitment services in the UK. Based on the search results, here is a summary of how FD Capital can assist with head of finance recruitment: FD Capital specializes in recruiting interim, part-time, and permanent finance professionals, including head of finance roles.23 They have a network of qualified finance professionals, many of whom are ICAEW-certified, that they can match to client needs.2 FD Capital takes a tailored approach to head of finance recruitment, first working to understand the specific requirements and culture fit needed for the role.3 They then leverage their expertise and connections to identify and vet suitable candidates.3 Some key reasons a company may choose to hire a head of finance through FD Capital include:23

  • Rapid business growth requiring oversight of financial data and systems
  • Compliance issues due to lack of financial oversight
  • Covering a leave of absence or vacancy in the finance team
  • Needing strategic financial advice and data-driven insights

FD Capital recently launched a dedicated head of finance recruitment team to further specialize in these types of placements.45 They offer this service to companies of all sizes across the UK.4 Overall, FD Capital’s specialized expertise in senior finance recruitment makes them well-positioned to assist organizations in finding the right head of finance candidate.123


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